Monday, September 13, 2010

10 months

Wow! Kinley you are growing up so fast. Already 10 months old, you aren't going to be a baby much longer. Here is what you have been up to the last month:

-You are an AWESOME sleeper and always have been. You sleep 12hrs at night and take 2 naps that are about 2 hours long everyday!
-You are drinking only formula now and take 4 bottles a day, you eat 3 meals of solid food. You are eating a mixture of baby food and finger foods now but are about to start on all finger/table foods.
-You are "talking" more and more everyday. I can't wait until you start saying real words!
-You learned to clap this month! When we say "clap your hands" or "yea!" you will clap and you are so proud of yourself when you do!
-You are still wearing size 2 diaper and are wearing 3-6 month clothes.
-You are crawling everywhere and love exploring the new house. Your favorite place to explore is probably the kitchen, you are always crawling into it.
-We moved into the house in Berry Creek this month and you seem to like it. Mommy and Daddy are really excited to be in the new house!!!
-You are really good at crawling and pulling up. You are will walk around as long as you have something to hold on to.

I can't wait to see what all you learn this coming month and see how much more you grow!

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